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Frequenty Asked Questons

Q. Where can the camper booth go?

A. We are best set up outdoors in an area with a 30'x40' space for set up.  We can set up inside buildings that we are able to drive into such as the convention centers. 

Q. How big is the Camper Booth?

A. The booth is 8 feet wide and 15 feet long


Q. How many people can fit inside the booth at once?

A. Once in the booth, you sit down on the bench for the photos. We can comfortably fit 4-5 guests at a time inside the booth for photos. However, we have had parties of over 10 inside!


Q. How are the photos taken?

A. Grab your props, and press the color or vintage button to start your photo session. The camera will take 4 photos.  After the session in finished, 2 copies of the photo strips will print out inside of the booth.  If this event has a scrapbook, you will have one copy of your photo strip to the attendant and sign a message in the book. 


Q. Do you carry insurance?

A. Absolutely! We are fully insured and use contracts to book all events with a 50% down payment.


Q. How do I know if my venue will permit the booth on site?

A. Please check with your venue manager about specific details before booking the booth. We often require drop off before noon and pick up after 11pm.


Q. Do you need power to run the booth?

A. Yes we must have power to the booth within 200 feet.  We bring extention cords to connect to the source. 


Q. When will the booth arrive?

A. For weddings, we will drop off the booth 4-5 hours before start time to get set up and prepared for the event. 


Q. Does the camper booth have heating and air conditioning?

A. We have a small heater for the winter, and run a small fan for summer events. We do not have air conditioning. 


For any additional questions, please contact us. 



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