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Pittsburgh Photo Booth Camper
When your guests see this vintage camper booth, the first thing they are going to say is "WOW!"  If you are looking for something unique that is going to set your wedding apart from the rest, this is they way to do it!
I have been in the Photo Booth business since 2012 with Pittsburgh Prestige Photo Booth.  I thought that Pittsburgh needed something unique to the photo booth scene.
In 2015 I purchased a 1964 Coachman Cadet Camper. I restored it and turned the inside of the camper into a photo booth with all components built right into the original kitchen. 
1964 was the first year that Coachman introduced us to the retro style camper.  This camper is awesome for its retro styling and also a little piece of history for being the first edition in its class!
The inside of the camper is 8 foot wide and we can easily fit 4-6 people inside at a time for photos.  Choose color or vintage style for your photo strip.  The photo strips print out instantly as soon as your pictures are taken.  
We use a professional Canon Rebel T5i camera for high quality photos.  For printing we use a HiTi Sub Dye photo printer for amazing prints. 
The overal size of our photo booth camper is 15 feet long by 8 foot wide.  We can pull up the camper and park it anywhere that there is flat land and ample space.  We must be able to drive a van pulling the camper up to the site with plenty of space to turn around.
We are fully insured and use contracts to book all event. 
Call us for details. 

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